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Last Updated: 2021-03-27 07:53:16

What kind of content can I listen on Famemix Music app?

In Famemix music app you can listen to the latest and best songs of all the time, streaming live Rwandan RadioS, original podcasts unique to the platform.

Are there any limitations in LISTENING content in FameMix Music app?

Yes,There is limitation but you can but subscription to have no limitations to listen to any content on FameMix Music app. You can watch it anywhere, anytime with unlimited access on subsribing to the platform.

How would i be sure that my music is not going to be copyrighted.

Famemix ensures that your music is not copied, transferred or modified in any manner once uploaded on Famemix.

How can i upload my songs on famemix?

All you need to do is just to create account on Famemix and get free space of 1GB and start uploading your tracks.

you can simplely sign up by. Click Upload .

Does Famemix only allows Rwandan music to be uploaded?

For meantime,Famemix is only allowing Rwandan artist to upload their tracks or podcast but in the future they target to upload Easter African contries.but this can not stop you to come by and listen to the best songs on famemix with high quality.

if you upload music on Famemix does the song lose its quality??

We give you unlimited song uploads. Your listeners will appreciate our 180kbps song streams which is the best quality of all compared to other Rwandan platform.

Click here to upload now.

How can i get verfied on Famemix?

An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, religion, journalism

Can anyone get verified on famemix even if am not singer or song-writer

if you are music Rwandan promoter,you can get verified.

How can i buy Rwandan Music using Mobile Money on famemix?

Search for a song you would like to buy and click the icon of purchase and then click checkout the song and click on 'Purchase' button and we will show the Popup Box and click on 'DPO MOMO' and click button below and fill your address and select the country you are in and click on Mobile money. If there's a problem, you'll be notified on the spot and prompted to try again. Once we receive buying of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to your Purchased Dashboard and your favorite musician. Your Mobile account will be charged immediantly.

Are charges inclusive of taxes?

All payments made to Famemix by Rwandan  subscribers are inclusive of taxes whereas the subscribers outside of Rwanda may be required to pay additional taxes as per the applicable act/rules.

What do I get with my subscription?

Each subscription comes with access to its package limit


Do you provide the data charges along with the subscription?

No, data charges are not included with the Famemix subscription. Data charges will be levied by your respective mobile operator/internet service provider.

Is it safe to submit my credit cards information?

We use highly secured payment gateways for the web and mobile transactions which are PCI compliant. We ensure your privacy and transactions are safe as we follow secured encryption standards. For more details you can refer to https://www.famemix.com/page/privacy-policy


Can I get a refund of the payment that I made by mistake?

Once a payment is successful, it cannot be reversed as per our refund policy. However, we advise you to be careful during the subscription and payment process.


Can I get a refund once I cancel my subsciption?

Cancellation of subscription does not entitle any refund/reimbursement. It deactivates any further Auto-Renewal if any. However, you would still have access to content until your current subscription period lapses.

I found transaction/deduction by FameMix that I did not authorize. What should I do?

We suggest you contact your respective bank for the unauthorized transactions. For further support, you may also email us at support@famemix.com.


What should I do if my transaction fails while subscribing/renewal of the subscription?

We request you to click on ‘My Account->Settings->Subscription’ section to see your transaction details. If you are still unable to subscribe/renew please contact us at support@famemix.com.

How do I resolve if my transaction has failed and the money got deducted from my bank account?

Sometimes, the payments may get delayed by an hour or 2 due to issues with payment gateways. We request your patience for the time being. If the payment doesn't reflect post this period we request you to write to support@famemix.com.


How does the 15-day money-back guarantee work?

FameMix is confident you will enjoy the Rwandan music songs most reliable ultra-HD Quality with high speed. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your experience, you have a full 15 days to get reimbursed on any FameMix plan you choose. Just get in touch with the FameMix Support Team.

Is FameMix free to stream?

No. FameMix is a premium service, although a free streaming music is available for certain mobile devices depending on artist.
Furthermore, all subscriptions come with a 15-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try us for a month with zero risk if you change your mind.

Does FameMix allow simultaneous streaming?

Yes, FameMix allows simultaneous streaming irrespective of the subscribed plan. You can login through 6 devices and stream simultaneously on 4 devices.
*Can be changed anytime at sole discretion of Famemix, without any prior notice.

How do I keep my Famemix account secure?

We suggest you to use a strong password and avoid sharing it with anyone. Be aware of the phishing activities. Remember to sign out if you are accessing content through Famemix on a public network.

I am not able to access my account on FameMix. Please help!

Please check if you are using your registered email address to login. Also, make sure you are using the correct password. If you cannot log in, try changing your password through Forgot Password. If you are registered using your Facebook or Google accounts, make sure you log in using the same ID. If you are still not able to log in, please contact us at support@famemix.com and we'll help you resolve your query.

How do I pay for my subscription?

FameMix accepts payment via:
Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Visa Electron, Diners Club International
DPO Group Payment(Mobile Money,e-wallets)

How can i get new Rwandan music songs?

All old school mp3 such as karahanyuze or inanga or rnb,rap new mp3 rwandan songs can be found on:
  • FameMix.com
  • Famemix Mobile App
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