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Is streaming music and audio platform for Rwandan people,FameMix lets people find and discover new tracks of all the time and also enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most Musician community in Rwanda.
Famemix is Private Company.
Famemix was founded by Rwibutso Ivan and Jean De Dieu MANISHIMWE known as (Jayd).
The Headquarters Kigali, Rwanda.
Rwibutso Ivan is best known as the founder and chairman of Famemix, The Famemix platform has become Fame or widely Known for its unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists and also as well as Fashion Model and more. Famemix Founded 12-April -2017 (12-04-2017) to help Rwandan artists share their music worldwide, This has made it possible by an open platform that directly connects creators and their fans across World Wide.Musician use Famemix to both share their Songs with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the Famemix community as well as getting Famous.and famemix goes with Your Music ,Our Melody
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